Pain or emergencies

In case of acute pain or other emergencies during the opening hours of our dental practice, please call 0573 - 25 16 84

Outside of our regular opening hours or in the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), we cooperate with Dental365 Spoed Tandartsen Deventer to provide emergency service. For all pain and/or emergencies which cannot wait until the next office day, you can contact Dental365 Deventer by calling: 085 - 0189466

DENTAL365.nl Spoed Tandarts

Dental365 - Spoed Tandarts Deventer**
Address (click on the address for directions)
Brinkgreverweg 5, 7413 AA Deventer
Follow the signs Dental365 / Tandartsen Centrum Deventer (TCD). Once in the building, take the elevator to the fifth floor.

Telephone: 085 - 0189466

In addition to a branch office in Deventer, Dental365 also has branch offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Gouda, The Hague, Dordrecht and Ede-Wageningen. Offices will also soon open in Apeldoorn and Breda. 

If a different location is more convenient for you at a certain time, you can indicate your preference on the phone. If possible, Dental365 can then direct you to the most suitable location. For more information about the emergency service, you can also consult their website Dental365.nl

A number of matters you need to consider, before calling Dental365 Spoed Tandarts;

What to bring:

Costs and compensations: